Thursday, February 23, 2017

When society loves hooker..

Most of us loved “Julia Roberts” in pretty woman, and saw the human side of her personality, without any judgment because she was working as prostitute. and many of us saw the right end of the story to be tougher with “Richard Gere”.

The thing is we accepted Julia as hooker, and maybe full in love with her, and saw her so honest and pure person. but how many of us will keep the same respect to her if we met in the real world?

Will start judgment and look to our self as better than her. this’s just example how some of us have “Duplication” between what like in ideal world "when we be more human" and how we already behave in the real world ...and how we accept something and found is so lovely just because its only in cinema screen, but if you or one of your friends try to do same he will face all of the condemnation from the society around him.

February 2017